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Robin Bailey Horsemanship is more than just the average horse training facility. Each horse and rider who participates in our training programs and riding lessons… Learn to read each other, understand how to clearly communicate, and achieve the ultimate partnership.

At the foundation of Robin Bailey Horsemanship is an understanding that each horse reacts differently; there are those horses that are more responsive than others, some demonstrate fear responses while others show more aggressive tendencies. It is extremely important to adapt your training methods to your horse’s individual needs. Robin Bailey Horsemanship will design a training program to fit YOUR horse’s needs.
Robin Bailey Horsemanship is based in the Northwest area of Las Vegas, Nevada and is able to travel to all areas of the Las Vegas Valley. In addition, Robin Bailey Horsemanship is available throughout the United States for private training sessions, clinics, workshops, demonstrations and expos.


Robin’ s childhood love for horses was cemented into a lifelong passion, while staying at an Aunt’s house one summer. At age eight, she had never seen a horse in person… but she knew she wanted to be around these magnificent animals and grew to understand each horse’s body language, their natural responses and how effective they communicate with just a flick of an ear. Her life lessons of riding bare back in a halter, through the desert of Arizona… empowered her to learn to read the horse and understand how they think.

As a certified trainer Robin is always learning and searching for the best way to understand, read and train horses. She started training horses professionally in 1999 and believes that you never stop learning. Whether it is from ‘the most trusted horseman’ to the first time owner; from a completely un-broke horse to a champion performance horse, every horse is just a little bit different… and every horse deserves to be understood.

Over the years, it has come to be that Robin Bailey Horsemanship specializes in helping owners with problem horses. Abused, neglected, spoiled, injured, fearful, aggressive, dominant, pushy… whatever may have happened in your horse’s past… Robin will show you how to not let it dictate your future.

“It does not matter what I can do with your horse, it only matters what YOU can do with your horse.” – Robin

Robin Bailey Horsemanship

Creating Partnership… One Hoof at a Time.


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