At Robin Bailey Horsemanship, we teach the owners how to effectively communicate goals, set boundaries and have your horse understand what the correct response is in any situation. Robin Bailey is more of a behaviorist than a traditional horse trainer who believes owners must understand the importance of learning how to read their horse’s body language, reactions and responses correctly in order to achieve a true partnership.

People seek the help of Robin Bailey Horsemanship for many different reasons; for some, it is to rid their horse of unwanted behaviors such as aggression, bucking, rearing, kicking, biting or spooking. Other clients may be looking for a more effective partnership with their horse and be interested in improving their basic horsemanship skills, round penning, ground respect, liberty work, whole body riding and performance work.  

What Makes Robin Bailey Horsemanship Training Different?

Robin Bailey Horsemanship works with a variety of horses, from unhandled youngsters to high performance horses. Regardless of your horse’s previous experience we will help you and your horse achieve new goals and create the ultimate partnership.


Training Services Offered

Private Training Sessions

Liberty work

Round Penning

Ground manners

Abused and neglected horse re-hab

Semi-Private Horsemanship classes

Weekend Workshops

2-3 Day Clinics

Expo Demostrations

Obstacle Workshops

Riding Lessons

At Robin Bailey Horsemanship we offer riding lessons for the beginner, who has no experience with horses, all the way through to advanced competitors. We have clients who enjoy many different disciplines, i.e. English, Western, Endurance, ACTHA, Showing, Trail riding, Barrel Racing and much, much more. We believe that a strong foundation of knowledge is the key to successful riders.

RBH believes in a whole horse approach, meaning that all riders are taught not only how to ride, but also everything about horsemanship. From grooming, saddling, horse anatomy, horse care and more. We enable riders not only to have the skills and confidence to ride in their chosen discipline, but also to have the foundation and knowledge of how the horse thinks and what to do if something goes wrong.  that means they are always confident in their abilities around any horse and have the skills to care for and own horses in the future.

At Robin Bailey Horsemanship we are unique in the ability to offer instruction in both Western and English riding, with a variety of instructors who have competed successfully in their chosen disciplines.  Wherever your interest lies, we have an instructor that can help you achieve your riding goals.

Our private one hour lessons allowing one on one time between instructor and student so that the student has the ability to learn more easily and has the instructor’s undivided attention.

Our group lessons are matched up with equal level horses and riders. Most are working on specific disciplines. The group setting is a great way to practice what you have learned in your private lessons and have fun with other like-minded horse people.

Riding lessons are available Monday-Saturday with our highly experienced instructors. If you would like more information on our lesson packages, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Buying a new horse?

As an equestrian, buying a new horse is one of the most stressful things we will do. We may be looking for a lifelong partnership, a new competition horse, a safe mount for our children, or any combo of the above. In buying a horse we want to be sure that we are making the right decision and picking the right horse.

Let Robin Bailey Horsemanship take away some of that stress for you. Robin Bailey herself will come with you to evaluate a horse from the ground up and will give you her professional and unbiased opinion of the horse. Robin Bailey has evaluated hundreds of potential horses for her clients over her career and she is proud to be able to say that every match she has made has always been a successful one.

She will discuss with you what type of horse you are looking for, the information you have about the horse you are looking at and will attend a viewing of the horse with you. Robin will work with, and if appropriate, ride the horse and give you a full assessment of its temperament and abilities and if it is a suitable match for you.

This simple step will help you weed out the truth and fiction of the potential new horse. A good match of horse and rider is the most important part of owning a horse. You both need to start out on the right hoof!